Melissa at ChristianityCove has shared with me the good news about your chance to get four free bible study games to enjoy with your family, your students, or any children with whom you'd like to share the good news of the gospel.  These games include:

Game 1:  Persistence Spoons (Great for Genesis 32)
Game 2:  Break Away (Great for Elijah, God, and Baal)
Game 3:  Nice Wall, Good Wall (Goes with Judges 1-3)
Game 4:  Love on My Shoulder (Honor Thy Father & Mother)

I need to state that I haven't personally reviewed these games, but I know that many of the teachers who visit our site are always looking for new, affordable (or free!) and fun resources and these seem to fit that bill. To download these games visit this link and enter your contact information.  Enjoy!