This week, we're happy to share a gift recommendation for the holiday season that's sure to make your recipient feel and look great. I was blessed to receive two wonderful test products from prAna, a Carlsbad, California based company. As prAna shares, their clothing "is made to accommodate any adventure, the items are first and foremost mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices."

The two gifts I checked out are amazing. Now that we live in a small apartment in the city, I'm looking for clothing choices that meet a few standards:

  1. They are versatile: They can be dressed up or down depending upon accessories for a variety of occasions.
  2. They pack well: With my "on the go" lifestyle which is frequently lived out of a suitcase, I need clothing that doesn't need special treatment or handling.
  3. They feel great: I want clothes that fit my body well, that look awesome, and that make me feel happy when I wear them.

w2stac316_saguaro_l_alt_9I'm happy to report that the prAna products I tested meet all three of these criteria! New in my closet are:

Stacia Sweater

I opted for Saguaro, which can be dressed down with jeans or up with a black skirt, tights and boots. From the second I put it on, I feel in love with the relaxed 100% Organic Cotton and its generous cut. It's a sweater, but it's actually not overly heavy so you don't feel the bulk that comes with many sweaters. I'm in love!

Lisa Hendey checks out prAna styles and gives them high marks! Lisa Hendey checks out prAna styles and gives them high marks!

Mariette Dress

Mariette dress by prAna, image copyright prAna used with permission Mariette dress by prAna, image copyright prAna used with permission

I am saving my Mariette in grey/indigo for an outing next week, so aside from slipping it on quickly I haven't worn in out yet. That being said, it's adorable! The cut is more generous than other sweater dresses I've tried, which means that you don't have to be overly thin to make this design work. I'm in love with Mariette's hood, the details at the waistline (which define and help!) and the adorable sleeve design on this dress. I'll be pairing my Mariette with black tights and boots and can't wait to share a few photos of the ensemble!

As you seek out special gifts for your family members this season, definitely take a look at prAna for clothing that is sustainably created, crafted according to fair trade standards, and that begs to go on an adventure. And isn't every day an adventure when you're a mom? So consider using our promo code BLOGF16LSHE for 15% your order, including gifts for yourself!

For More Information:

  • prAna website -
  • prAna discount - use promo code BLOGF16LSHE 15% discount off of the prAna clothing they purchase during the holidays through December 19, 2016

FTC Disclosure: I received these products free of charge and earned support for our website by providing my honest assessment of these products.

Copyright 2016 Lisa M. Hendey
Image copyright Lisa M. Hendey and prAna