Have you ever watched a certain morning show where women sit around a couch, sharing their views on life from different perspectives, but seem to spend a lot of their time bashing the Catholic Church?  Have you ever daydreamed about a show that would have the same premise -- women from different walks of life coming together to share their opinions and viewpoints -- but that would be filled with faith, optimism, and a truly Catholic point of view?

Well friends, our daydream has come true!  I'm so happy to help spread the word that this week, on March 11, we'll be able to enjoy the premier of The Catholic View for Women.  The show features Janet Morana (Executive Director of Priests for Life), Teresa Tomeo (author, syndicated Catholic talk show host, and motivational speaker and one of my personal heroes) and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, (Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services).

The six pilot episodes will air at 3 AM and 6:30 PM Eastern on the following days in 2011:

Show 1 → Friday, March 11: Introduction to The Catholic View for Women

Show 2 → Friday, April 8: Finding Your Own Catholic Identity/Vocation

Show 3 → Friday, May 13: Radical Feminism vs. New Feminism

Show 4 → Friday, June 10: Extreme Makeover: Seeing Yourself through the Eyes of Christ

Show 5 → Friday, July 8: Contraception Deception

Show 6 → Friday, August 12: Women and the Church through the Centuries

You can learn more about the series at www.TheCatholicViewForWomen.com and at their Facebook page. And since life sometimes doesn't go according to our plans, why not head to your DVR right now and set it to record Friday's episode? I'll be watching, and can't wait to discuss it with you here after the show airs. In the mean time, I'll be praying for Janet, Teresa and Astrid, and all of those who will be touched through this program. Enjoy!

Copyright 2011 Lisa M. Hendey