Recently I was looking for music for a special "All Priest" edition of the Catholic Music Express. Fr. Bill Quinlivan contacted me to let me know about his music, and sent me copies of all 4 of his CD's.

"Paintbrush in the Green" was his first CD. As he put it, he wasn't sure if he would release more albums at the time, so he packed this one with 18 songs. These songs have an Irish touch to them, with songs in honor of Mary, Our Lord's Divine Mercy, Priesthood, dependence on God in times of difficulty, and more.

Fr. Bill composes his own music, and there are alot of gems on this disc. The title track is a fun little one about the green of Ireland. "O Lady Poverty" is about St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare and the life of the Franciscans. "Ponder, Still" is a look at Jesus' life in the verses about his Presentation in the Temple, Finding Jesus in the Temple, and the Crucifixion, and how Mary "pondered these things in her heart". "Three Hours" is a chant for Good Friday, about Our Lord's Suffering on the Cross.

I enjoyed Fr. Bill's original music, with these lyrics that express a deep faith in Christ. I recommend this disc highly!

Track Listing:

1. Paintbrush In The Green
2. Give Me The Oars
3. Lonely Lazarus
4. Holy Duct Tape
5. Three-Cord Rope
6. Gospel of Life
7. O Lady Poverty
8. Victory
9. Priest of Mine
10. Pray Pray Pray
11. Silent Mother/Lady of Knock
12. Ponder Still
13. Immaculate One
14. 3 Hours
15. Rays of Mercy
16. Open Wound
17. I Bow Down
18. Irish Blessing

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