In recent days, our world and nation have seen an increase in some very troubling times.

Nation is pitted against nation.
Some are even pitted against their own.
Our troops are launching air strikes…again.

Husbands and brothers and sisters and sons and friends are thousands of miles away from the safety and security of their every day lives; smelling the stench of death, finding children orphaned in the streets, seeing body upon body crushed under rubble.

In the grocery store lines, on the social network sites, at the dinner table, and in temples and churches every where, the multitudes prophesy, “These are the end times. Surely, Christ’s return is imminent”. They have Scripture verse after Scripture verse to back up their statements.

And, for all appearances’ sake, it surely does look like the end is near. But, what of it? What does that change?

The fact of the matter is two-fold:

1) Scripture also tells us that no one, not even the Son of Man, Himself, knows the hour or the day of the Second Coming of Christ. (Matthew 24:36)


2) Whether He comes a century from now, a month from now, or five minutes from now, if we have been living according to our beliefs and convictions in His teachings, then we should be ready; and rejoice!

The trouble is that people spend so much time pondering, figuring, looking for signs, begging for signs, and conjecturing, that they lose sight of what is most important, which is:   “now”.

“Now” is all that matters; for all is eternal and immediate to the Father in heaven.

All there is, is “now”.

We can make sure that the Libyan people are not dying in vain, and the Japanese people are not dying in vain, and the Afghan people are not dying in vain, and that the Iraqi people have not died in vain, and that our own soldiers and sailors and Marines and airmen have not died in vain, by the way welive “now”.

It is time to “live”.
It is time to “hope”.
It is time to “believe” and to “trust” and to “love”.
And, it is time to “rejoice”, for Christ is King and He has died to save us; all of us, each and every one, if we will have Him.

We can rise above the pain and the sorrow and the utter desecration by loving; and loving in His nameright now.

When our family member irritates us, we can hold our tongue.
When our day is full of frustration and obstacles, we can persevere with a joyful heart.
When we see a need, we can serve without expecting something in return.

We can hold our children, change our babies’ diapers, discuss world events with our teens, and
show our spouses how much we appreciate them.

We can look forward to attending Mass, rather than treating it like a burden; for some, in the world, are being slaughtered for their faith.

We can take advantage of the opportunities given to us to learn, to know, and to grow in body, mind, and soul; for some, in the world, will never even be able to read or write their own names.

Are these the end times? Maybe.

Is Jesus Christ about to come again and separate the wheat from the chaff? Perhaps.

60 seconds from now, if He has not yet arrived, will you have lived any differently?

I hope so.

Make a change. Be deliberate. Be intentional. Be alert and focused.

Someone asked me recently, “What would your day be like if all that you had in it was whatever you had given thanks for the day before?”

Think of it.

Live in the “now”.

And, live it well.

As Jesus said, "tomorrow will take care of itself". (Matthew 6:34)

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich