Where Do Sisters Come From?
by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Illustrations by Shannon Wirrenga
Waterford, MI: Bezalel Books, 2010

Reviewed by Sarah Reinhard

Though I’ve been a Catholic for nearly ten years, I still find nuns to be fascinating and confounding.

The question, then, of where they come from, which Elizabeth Ficocelli handles in her new book, Where Do Sisters Come From?, is one that I have been asking, too.

The book begins with the question of where sisters come from and continues with short descriptions of the process of becoming a sister. It’s written and illustrated for children.

Just as she did in the first book in this series, Ficocelli paints sisters as real people, just like you and me. In addition to highlighting that they begin as children, she also mentions the normal things sisters do, things like taking a break with friends and gardening.

The book’s colorfully illustrated and has vocabulary words italicized, with a glossary of words in the back. This book would make a great resource for your parish library and you’ll enjoy reading it to the children in your life, too!

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