For the Year of the Priest, Fr. Bill Quinlivan offers this collection of 10 songs dedicated to the Priesthood and vocations.

These songs speak of the Priesthood and how its orgins are from Jesus, and how the Priest is called to be "Another Christ" here on earth in service to His people. The priest is called to "Speak to the World" of Jesus' mercy and to call all people to Christ. I sense a little Spanish guitar action in "Joseph's Tears", a song that speaks of the gift of tears as we confess our sins and chase bitterness out of our hearts. "Towel and Pitcher and Bowl" is about Jesus' call to serve and not to be serve, as He did at the Last Supper, when he washed the feet of His Apostles. The song "Love Judas Like Jesus" asks us to love all, to love Judas as Jesus did.

Again, I like Fr. Bill's songwriting and the wonderful stories he tells in his songs.

Track Listing:

1. Priest of Mine
2. Another Christ
3. Speak to the World
4. Broken, Yet Not Divided
5. Intercession
6. Joseph's Tears
7. Towel and Pitcher and Bowl
8. Love Judas Like Jesus
9. Your Priestly Heart
10. Our High Priest

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