When I was approached by the makers of Friends and Heroes (which I reviewed in DVD format last August in this space) about whether I would be interested in checking out their new music CD, “What about Love?” I didn’t waste any time with my reply.

In fact, I think I might have typed in all caps and forgotten to say please.

The CD, when it came, had my six-year-old’s attention immediately.

“Is that for ME?” she asked, reaching.


“No! It’s for ME!” my three-year-old announced, jumping up and down.

We no longer have a CD player in the house (don’t ask), but it took only a few minutes to load it up on my iPod and convince them this would be a good soundtrack for clean-up.

And lunch.

And, as it turns out, every other thing we could possibly do.

We feed our chickens (who are still little and under a heat lamp on our porch) to the sounds of this music.

We smash wasps and pick up toys while we dance around to it.

We make utter fools of ourselves in front of the baby and bask in his laughter, all with this music playing (possibly too loudly for his small ears) in the background.

I was raised on corny Christian kids music, and this, I am happy to say, is NOT that kind of music.

I have a big playlist on my iPod of corny kids music, and this, I am delighted to share, is ALSO NOT in that category.

What we have here, fellow listeners-of-kids-stuff, is something that I enjoy. The other day, I caught myself listening to it when the kids weren’t around.

Yeah. It’s that good.

As a mom who all-too-often struggles with the catechesis side of my job, I love that these songs make my six-year-old ask for specifics about Bible stories. As a mom who all-too-often opts to read the fun story instead of the Bible story, I love that these songs tell those stories in a memorable and non-annoying way. As a mom who all-too-often just lets the kids watch a movie in the van, I love that this CD gives me an opportunity to sing along with them without losing my sanity.

To the folks at Friends and Heroes, I say: THANK YOU. To you, I say: BUY THIS.

Copyright 2011 Sarah Reinhard