God answers prayers.

I have two sons. They are both 20-something now. Both are employed and self-sufficient. Both are married. They do not need their mother like they used to. Which is fine. I raised them to be independent and self-reliant. But I miss them.

I miss the little boys. I miss the games and the camping trips and the bedtime stories. I even miss hearing “Mom!” over and over until I thought I needed to change my name.

Now I am not a part of their everyday life. I watch them from afar. We call and we email. Not the same, but that is life. We raise our children and give them wings so they can fly away and make their own home.

I am proud of them. More than they know. They are such good men. Kindhearted and funny and loving and good. Just what I hoped and dreamed they would be. I think my husband and I can take some credit for that, but I know most of the credit belongs to them and to God. And so I thank God.

There was a time when these two did not get along very well. Sibling rivalry and all that. I tried telling them that brothers are forever, but they were too young to get that. I think they thought their mother was just lecturing again.

But they are adults now. And over the last 4 years, they have spent more time together doing things they both enjoy. I think they have discovered that they have more in common than they thought. And now it seems like they are as much friends as they are brothers.

Recently, my younger son had to move to another town. Another section of the country really. They both miss each other terribly. While I am sorry for their sense of loss, and am experiencing that same loss myself, I rejoice at the love they have for one another; for the strong bond that I always prayed would be there someday.

And I find my heart is at peace. For no matter what, my two “boys” will always have each other.

And that is a gift that God has given them. And me.

First posted on my blog 10/11/08.

Copyright 2011 Colleen Spiro