Modern life is full of wonderful things that claim to help us become the best “us” that we can be. There are a myriad of self-help books, seminars, pod-casts, e-articles, books, programs, workshops, audios, and more, that are meant to boost our morale, build our confidence, and let us in on “the secrets” of a happy life.

Some of these things really are beneficial. If one discerns what one is reading or listening to very carefully, then truly, a well-written article or guest-speaker’s oration  can offer us an insight here or a pearl of wisdom there, that helps us improve our skills, relationships, businesses, or even our spiritual life.

There is a “secret ingredient” that is the answer to each and all of these quests to be better, work better, love better, listen better, and  feel better. Simply put, there is a “special something” that holds the key to each of us reaching his/her full potential as a child of God.

What is this “x” quality?? This full-proof “product”? This never-fails-always-available-and-offered-for-free “item”?

It is “grace”. Grace; otherwise known as: “God’s life in us”.

God is love. God is peace. God is joy. God is compassion. God is mercy. God is all of these things. He does not merely exemplify these things; but rather, He is these things. Without Him, they do not exist.
Therefore, without Him, we can never attain them as attributes to our character.

As “children of God” we are in need of Our Father’s guidance, discipline, leadership, love, and assistance. As human parents of our own children, we offer these things to our sons and daughters from the moment they draw their first breath to the moment we will draw our last.

God, being “God”, however, can take it one step further. He can take His own life and  give it to us; He can come to reside within our souls so that He is in us; filling us with all of His goodness.

Anthony De Stefano, in his book, “The Invisible World” explains that God does not wish to take away our own identities, but to help us become all-the-more-fully who we are meant to be. If we are creative, then God’s life in us makes us more creative. If we are industrious, the grace (God’s life in us) makes us more industrious.

Grace is the unseen, everlasting, powerful , and sacred ingredient that enables us to do and be and attain everything we need to be the best “us” that we can be.

And, the best part is: We do not have to buy a ticket and wait in line to get it. We do not have to read 9,000 pages of a “how to” book or attend 6 weeks’ of workshops followed by written exams. No.

All we need to do in order to receive this amazing “life-skills tool” is ask for it.

The moment we go to Our Father in Heaven and ask for grace, He gives it to us. No Fed-Ex or UPS is needed with outrageous “overnight” delivery charges. We ask and He gives…instantly!

Grace helps us to be better mothers, better teachers, better speakers, better writers, better priests, better fathers, better corporate leaders, better children, and better Christians.

It is the “secret ingredient”; the “perfect, unfailing product”  of the modern world.

There is no cost. There is no expiration date. There are no complicated instructions. There is no limit to how often we can receive it.

When we ask for grace, God comes to live in us. He gives us His eternal life.
We can then experience life, see life, and live life in His way.

Mr. DeStefano also mentions in his book that God sends this grace through many means.
It might come through an angel, through a spouse, through a friend, through a stranger.
It might come through a book, or music, or in the beauty of nature.

We need never doubt whether it will come, but only be delighted in the many ways that it does come.

Have a problem? Need encouragement? Trying to meet a goal? Want to be a better you?

Ask God for “grace” today.

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich