He follows him up the steps and through the overgrown path. Jake follows his dad. That is how it is meant to be. The Dad leads the child and the child follows his every motion. As he follows him Aaron is fading from this photo and all that one can see is Jake. The Dad leads until one day all that is left is a grown child that now knows where to go and how to lead on his own.

There are so many wandering aimlessly throughout this earth. They had no one to follow and so they do not know where to go, how to live and definitely have no idea how to lead.

Then there are so many more who have been lead by a good strong father or father figure who gives them compassion, love, kindness, guidance, strength, work ethic and confidence. Without these valuable personality traits one will struggle in this life.

A father teaches different than a mother. There are many lessons to be learned, times to be loved and knowledge to be given to our children. Much will become of the child that knows a father’s love. Much will be given from the child that has known a mother’s love. Give your child an enduring future of love, happiness and goodness by loving them only the way you know how.

Lead your child so that he may follow and one day he will have the strength and love to lead his own children.

Copyright 2011 Lori Hadorn Disselkamp