What is your life mission? Have you ever contemplated it? More importantly, have you ever asked the Holy Spirit to guide you in completing His plan for you? As we travel along our life journey, it helps to pull over at occasional rest stops and ask ourselves, “Is what I am doing in life my mission? Is there more, or something different I should be focusing on?”

The answer often only comes through prayer and reflection. This is where God may surprise us. For instance, concealed in our daily lives, in the trials, obstacles, and victories we encounter, are little side tasks or challenges that we often think are unimportant; yet they may be more important to God than the things we might care most about, such as our career, or attaining X, Y, or Z.

Take an airline ticket agent, for example. She may have the following tasks: making announcements to help people board a plane, reviewing passports, adding frequent flyer miles into the computer, checking people in quickly and accurately, so they don’t miss their flights; and in her heart, she may long for the approval of her supervisor. The Lord undoubtedly wants her to be orderly and diligent in her work, and to learn the skills needed for it, but when she dies, she may learn that these tasks were not the most important part of her mission, that what most mattered to the Lord was the tone of her voice, her smiles, encouragement, humor, and her conveyance of a sense of peace and assurance to travelers and coworkers. Perhaps what mattered most to the Lord was that she prayed for everyone around her. She may find that what she focused on as most important, wasn’t important after all.

When we die, we will all go through a “life review”—our own personal judgment. We will see our lives like a movie, but this time, in the light of Truth. Wouldn’t it be a surprise, if during our review, we were shown that our jobs were just a means to a spiritual end.

“Oh, I see!” we will say. “I should have known! Now it makes so much sense why I had that job, or those people were in my life. I was supposed to have loved them, prayed for them, forgiven them, and helped them come to know Jesus Christ.”

Seeing our lives in the Spirit, through the gaze of eternity, will be a wake up call for all of us, and especially for those who have shunned God. We will be amazed at how we affected others and astonished over who we really are. Our every word, even our thoughts, affects others in ways we cannot even conceive.

As Jesus says in Matthew 12: 35-37:

A good person brings forth good out of a store of goodness, but an evil person brings forth evil out of a store of evil. I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."

The following is taken from page 5 of the book, Life Missions, Family Healings, by Michael Brown.

There is a woman from Long Island named Barbara, who had a “near-death” experience during a hysterectomy. When the Lord showed Barbara her life, she was astonished. For it turned out that what Barbara had thought were the major feats in her life were not considered so major by the Lord, and what she thought of as small achievements—ones she barely remembered—were in some instances, seen by Him as magnificent, (such as listening to a woman whose fiancé had recently died). In this trip to the other side, said Barbara, she saw how particular events bore tremendous repercussions.

When she rose grumpily from sleep and was negative to her family, she was shown how this spread to others throughout the day—at school, at the workplace, at stores, and then through the families of those who were touched by that negativity.

The goodness we present to our families [and anyone with whom we have contact], will spread not only to them, but to those at work or at the store, or to the teller at the bank, who then conveys it to others, who take it home for dissemination in a pattern that has global supernatural consequences. “When you see it through the eyes of the Lord, you see your life as a whole,” she recalled. “You see how in the course of all Creation your life makes a difference, and you see how it affected the Creator—how it stops at the Creator when you offend one of His own. We don’t see things the way the Lord does, and for me it was a tremendous eye-opener. At this point, the way I was offending the Lord the most in my life was my attitude and the way I spoke to my children and husband—my nearly verbal abuse. It was the tone and the things that I said that were very offending to another’s soul and heart. You can be firm with your kids, but the Lord doesn’t want you to use an insulting tone. I was shown my vocabulary and the tone with which I said things, because it was a condescending one. When I got up in the morning, smiled, and presented breakfast, hugging the children, it went from my house everywhere. I was shown a drop of light that falls into this ocean and has a rippling effect.”

We are called to fulfill our own unique life mission given to us by our Creator. Our every action, our every thought, has more of an effect that we realize. Our mission is one of love and goodness, which extends beyond us, traveling brightly across the globe and throughout time.

Copyright 2011 Christine Watkins