When the Lights Go Out
by Max Elliot Anderson
ISBN 978-1-936695-47-8

Mr. Anderson has done it again with this new adventure set in post 911 America. When the Lights Go Out is an exciting, edge-of-your seat story revolving around an ordinary boy and his friends who have the chance to be real-life heroes. At only 163 pages long, the moderate length and the short glossary of military terms at the end present a very inviting read for young boys.  It is perfect for upper-elementary age boys and will also be a hit with middle-schoolers.

The story begins when Peyton, whose father is a military officer, and his family move to a military base where Peyton makes two new friends and settles in to what seems to be a normal life. However, when the three boys chance upon real-life terrorists it is up to them to act bravely and wisely. Readers will be unable to put the book down as the plot thickens and the boys find themselves in an increasingly dangerous position. While working to uncover clues to the terrorist plot, the boys work hard to improve themselves, pushing themselves physically and learning the real meaning of teamwork.

The story When the Lights Go Out unabashedly respects the role of parents, emphasizes honesty and bravery, and encourages children to stand-up for doing the right thing. It’s an excellent example of quality reading that helps children develop character while they thoroughly enjoy themselves.

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Copyright 2011 Elyse Wilson