My name is Lisa, and I'm starting to think that I may be a...workaholic...

In truth, almost twenty years ago when I decided to step away from my career in Human Resources at the birth of my first son, it was largely because I realized my workaholic tendencies. I loved my job, but I loved my son more, and I wasn't sure about how to balance the giving of myself 100% to both of these competing interests. Our situation at the time enabled me to choose to be home full time, a decision I've never regretted for our family. I do know many moms though -- my sisters among them -- who work at amazing careers, making a true difference in our world and all the while giving the very best of themselves to their families.

My current situation enables me to work from home, which is a real luxury. But in truth, a home office may not always be the best thing for someone who tends towards "workaholism". The temptation to pop into my office and "check email for five minutes" has often meant burned dinners, too much screen time, and probably even some stress and mental health issues. I pray daily for the grace to balance all of the priorities God has placed on my plate and on my heart.

And I honestly think that many moms, whether employed outside the home or not, struggle with being "workaholics". I recently received an interesting link to this article entitled "The United States of Workaholics: 10 Telling Stats You Should Know". Among the interesting points raised in the article are the following:

  • Workaholic marriages suffer disproportionately more than others
  • Sixty-plus work-hour weeks are not uncommon
  • Workaholics perceive time differently

I encourage you to read the entire article, but more importantly to assess for yourself whether you are becoming a "workaholic" and what this is doing to your family, your health and your spiritual life. I'll be doing the same and working on setting some more healthy limits for myself in the future. If you have any thoughts on this topic, or tips to counter the lure of workaholism, I'd love to hear from you in the comments or at my Facebook page.