The sheep goes in the meadow, the horse in the barn, the dog in the doghouse and the duck in the pond. We know where they all belong! Life would be so much easier if we were a part of that puzzle. Life would be different if we had a label and a destination as clear as the paths on that puzzle.

But our puzzles are much more abstract than the one Jake is solving so quickly. Sometimes we think we are headed the right way only to fall off an unforeseen cliff. We have to listen to our calling, discern our gifts and deeply reflect on our purpose to find the right path and even then it is still so difficult. God made each one of us so different from the next person. He gave each of us unique gifts, ideas and perceptions of life. He did it for a specific reason and our goal is to find the reason, the purpose the gifts and to park our lives in the right spot, right where we belong. For some the journey doesn’t take long and for others of us it takes a lifetime just to know we should be looking at all.

Today, reflect on the gifts God has given you, how you are using them and how you are fulfilling your purpose in this life. If you feel you are not fulfilling your purpose do not be discouraged it is never too late to start. Search deep within, reflect on your life, pray and start to find the right path made uniquely for you. Today, start the process to figure out just where you belong.

Copyright 2011 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp