Editor's Note: One of my personal highlights at last week's Catholic Writers Guild conference was being part of a blogging panel moderated by the wonderful Sarah Reinhard. Sarah kindly compiled the following list of participants' blogs after the event. To it, I have added to the very top of the list Sarah's own amazing blog SnoringScholar.com blog which is always full of insight and inspiration. Enjoy checking out the others she recommends and feel free to share your favorites in the combox. LMH

One thing I love to do when I speak about blogging is to send a piece of paper around the room and collect everyone's blog links and then SHARE THEM. This goes along with the generosity I believe we should all have with our online space (within reason).

This list includes everyone who filled out the page I sent around the room as I moderated the panel. I'll list our panelists first:

Now, for those who participated:

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful participation in the panel! I hope we can expand it in coming years and continue to connect.