Sometimes it is refreshing to go to a different town, sit at a unique cafe, and see new surroundings.  I decided to take a little day trip about 25 minutes away from my home.  After treating myself to some ice cream, I am sitting in a cafe of a small independent franchise, not my usual and generic location.  There are new people and things to see.  This was one of those times where I just wanted to get away from the town I live in.

Stepping out of our comfort zone allows for us to learn more about the world and ourselves.  God will ask us to try new things and explore our spirituality.  Breaking free of the routine gives room for us to see opportunities that may be available, but hidden previously.  Seeing the world from a different angle can bring empathy and vision into a new light.  Discoveries may be made more easily as feelings become more pronounced.  From the outside, the daily grind becomes less rigid, and it can seem more manageable.

Looking out from the cafe window, I find myself more connected and less overwhelmed.  I feel a little freedom from dropping off Goodwill donations, and the fact that I have vacated to a different area of the state.  It is a feeling that tingles as I embrace my new surroundings.  I take a step forward and reach out for something more.  God asked me to follow him, and I did.  I am grateful for this day of vacating, if only for a few hours, but it is worth the effort to find out more about my soul.

Take a day for yourself or your family, and go to a new place.  You may find the small world you live in is bigger than you think.  I only went 25 minutes away for a trip.  It doesn't take much to feel like you are on a mini vacation.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel