Editor's Note: Thanks to Tricia Hempel of RCL Benzinger for sharing the following press release regarding the launch of the new website BeMyDisciples.com. The website shares the stories of students, parents, catechists and church leaders who are striving to live lives of discipleship. I recommend a visit for some inspiration and motivation in your own daily walk as a disciple of Christ. LMH

RCL Benziger launches website to foster a Catholic community of disciples

CINCINNATI, Ohio — RCL Benziger, a leader in religious education programs and products for the Catholic community for nearly 200 years, has launched a new website, www.BeMyDisciples.com. The date selected for the launch was August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus, and the first of her son's disciples. She was a true disciple who accepted her faith, lived and grew in it.

RCL Benziger is using the new site to imagine the "what ifs?" of a world full of Christ's disciples.

The website allows visitors to share their own stories of discipleship by uploading blog entries or short videos in an easy format. Inspirational videos from a catechist, a DRE, a pastor, a parent and a student offer food for reflection for others to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Peter M. Esposito, President of RCL Benziger, noted that the inspiration for this project came about by listening to a radio program where people had the opportunity to record and share reflections about their mothers. This had a tremendous impact upon him. The goal of www.BeMyDisciples.com is to encourage Catholics to share stories of discipleship that they have encountered or actions by others that were inspired by Jesus Christ's example.

“We as Catholics don’t always openly display our emotions about our faith; however, now we have a web community where people can contribute stories, reflect upon them, and come together to share their experiences as disciples, re-evangelizing their faith,” he said.


In the coming months, resources and materials for catechists, teachers, parents and students will be added to the site to offer a theological foundation that complements the personal witness stories.