Please join me in congratulating our entire family of contributors for their selection this weekend as the winner for the "Most Informative" blog in the Catholic New Media Awards. In reality, having been nominated for this award is a gift from our readers and our selection as one of the award recipients is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our contributors. Each of them freely volunteers his or her abilities and time, so your support of the website is our "pay" for the many hours that go into supporting families through

If you have benefitted in any way from a column you read here on the site, please thank the writer by leaving a comment or feedback too -- this is another sign of supporting them. Additionally, please be sure to click through to the links listed in each of the writers' bios for more fantastic writing.

Here's a complete list of this year's award recipients. Thank you to the organizers and to each of these fine Catholic new media initiatives for supporting us in our faith journey.

The results from the 2011 Catholic New Media Awards are posted below. Within the categories, they are ordered by number of votes received. The first site in each category is the announced winner.