Percussionist and Composter Dick Le Mair brings a blend of classical and world music on this new project entitled "Impressions of a Pilgrimage". The theme of this album is based on the actual pilgrimage that people walk, a trek of some 800 km throughout Spain, ending at the Cathedral in the city of Sandiago de Compostela. The remains of St. James, the Apostle and brother of St. John, are enshrined at the catherdral.

Le Mair received permission to record music on the organ at this historic cathedral, and this CD is the first time that organ is heard in North America.

The music is breathtaking, mixing some Gregorian chant, classical music, and world music. It's not just the organ, but a variety of musical instruments - flute, piccolo, panpipes, guitar, vibraphone, marimba, tin whistle, and a variety of percussion instruments; along with the vocals that make this a beautiful album. Some tracks are instrumentals, others have vocals.

Some of the songs that stand out especially to me..."Adoro Te", "Christus Vincit", "Transeamus", and "Credo". And, as an organist, I especially enjoy the last track, "Santiago de Compostela", which highlights the cathedral organ.

This is a truly artistic album that celebrates the faith of the people who make the pilgrimage to the cathedral. Dick Le Mair, who is known for his musical contributions to TV and radio, has created a masterpiece that is a manifestation of that faith.

The CD, inspired by the composer's own experiences on The Way of St.James, comes to market concurrently with the May 12 release of "The Way," the new movie collaboration between Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez.

The CD is a litany of firsts. This is the only recording of the organ at Santiago de Compostela, the legendary stop on the pilgrimage where centuries ago chalice wine turned into blood. This is the first American release of the CD, which was originally packaged in the Netherlands alongside the book "The Pilgrimage" by author Paulo Cohelo.

Track Listing:

1 - Santiago de Compostela
2 - Sanctus
3 - Veni Creator
4 - The Road is Long and Lonely
5 - Adoro Te
6 - Christus Vincit
7 - The Monastery
8 - Tantum Ergo
9 - Cruz de Hierro
10 - No Greater Love Than This
11 - The Big City
12 - Transeamus
13 - Credo
14 - Ad Sepulcrum
15 - Santiago de Compostela

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