On today's episode of The Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick, Brian and I chatted about the power of the "virtual pilgrimage" to take the best that technology has to offer and link it to our spiritual lives. As we discussed, nothing can take the place of "real world" visits to time-honored places of pilgrimage. But when finances, distance, or personal circumstances stand in the way, it's great to know that we can see and experience a small taste of what these holy places have to offer spiritual seekers.

The following are just a few of my favorite places to "virtually visit" when I'm in the mood for a pilgrimage:

I'm sure that our readers also have their favorite sites to "virtually visit" -- or better yet to tour "in real life". Whether it's your local parish or a distant destination, please share your favorite links or tell us about a special pilgrimage destination you've had the joy of visiting.