Deep in the mountains of Kentucky there lives a man that is responsible for establishing a Mission Center that has helped so many in the local area that are in need.  His name is Father Ralph Beiting and he has created the Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center located in Louisa Kentucky.

The mission center is responsible for many projects that help the poor and homeless in the area.  The center provides emergency assistance and transportation for those in need, they conduct alcohol and drug programs, they run a warehouse that distributes food, clothing and furniture to those in need, and they also run four thrift stores that offer low cost merchandise for poor families.

But there is so much about this man that people don't see, and this is something that I became aware of when I worked for him last year.  What I witnessed with my own eyes has given me a completely new respect and appreciation for this man and I just wanted to let the world know about it.

Born and Raised in Northern Kentucky, being the oldest of eleven children and growing up during the Great Depression Father Beiting felt a calling to help the poor and needy people in the Appalachia area. And it was that calling that helped to plant the seed that grew into the Christian Appalachian Project.

As a seminarian Father Beiting learned that all people -- not just Catholics -- would become part of his ministry.  And it is that ministry which people in the area have come to know and appreciate. Not just the poor in need but so many in the area that have no affiliation with the Catholic Church have come to know and respect him and his wonderful mission.

The Mission Center is continually growing and more and more help is needed and very much appreciated, he is doing wonderful work in this area and I am sure he would appreciate any and all prayers that you can say for him.  He is a wonderful man, and I consider it an honor to say that I know him.

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