When a child is sick, all they want is for their mother to lovingly hold them.  My son, Linus, has not been feeling well the past couple days and has been asking constantly for me to hold him.  He has also been nursing more frequently, and even Lightning McQueen from Cars has been unable to console him.  Linus has turned down cookies, candy, and even ice cream.  What normal child would do such  things?

Tuesday is our family's normal take-out night and I ordered one of Linus's favorite meals.  Since we are visiting Vermont this week, it was essential to order the macaroni and cheese with real Cabot cheddar.  Linus refused to eat any of it.  Normally he would gobble down this delicacy, but not in his current condition.  His transformation from a non-stop toddler to a hazy lazy baby has baffled me.  I am concerned for his well-being and miss his normal active state.

Sometimes it is nice to slow down, and since we are on vacation that is a good thing.  There are some places I would like to visit while we are in Vermont, so I hope he will be feeling better soon.  Part of the problem is that his sleep schedule has been knocked off course, and he is not in his own home.  He seems a little disoriented and very sleepy.  Hopefully I can nurse him back to health (literally).

A child loves the comfort of his mother in times of need.  We all have our heavenly mother, Mary, who is always there to help us.  I am Linus's earthly mother, and I must do the best I can to nurture and protect him.  My role is even more vital at this time, and as frustrating as it is, cuddling with a sick child is a blessing to experience.  God has given us our children and it is nice to have the time to appreciate them.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel