How many of us are climbing that ladder daily? We have many different ladders in our lives; our careers with every promotion we have climbed another rung, our family with each child becoming an adult and living independently we find ourselves a foot higher and our finances with every dollar saved we have more interest for our retirement. Sometimes there are splinters, sometimes there are falls, and sometimes we throw down the ladder and find a new one to climb. We are always moving forward, the moving marks a sign of growth.

Do we climb a ladder in our faith life? Are we sitting on the bottom rung knowing full well that our salvation is floating at the top? How many of us think I believe in God that’s all I need to get there? Well, believing in God is just the beginning of the climb my friends. If you truly believe in God then you will want to climb even closer to Him by following His commandments. God gave us Jesus Christ to be an example we could follow in our everyday lives. Jake my 6 year old said “Mom, I don’t know what God looks like. How am I supposed to be like Him?” “Jake that is why God sent us Jesus. So we could understand God. Jesus was fully human and fully God and we could listen and learn from Him.” I answered him. “Oh, that makes sense!” replied Jake.

We can sit at the bottom of the ladder with our beliefs. Or we can rise to the challenge of living our faith. We can step up serve others, live as Jesus taught us to live, love God and others through our actions every day of our lives and it will lead us to the top of the ladder. Of course when we reach the top the decision of our salvation is not our own. It is then that God will judge our lives and make a decision. I pray that God will have mercy on our souls, see that our hearts are pure and our lives were filled with goodness and love and then He will let us in.

The climb of living out my faith is more important to me than any other ladder in my life.

Copyright 2011 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp