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In May this year, we moved to a new house. It's great! It's grand!'s messed up my NFP charting system.

The baby's old enough now and it's time for me to get back in the groove with charting (I'm probably, in fact, a bit late jumping back in the saddle). At the risk of TMI (so you can tune out now if you want), here's what we used to do: I'd record the information on the chart in the bathroom. It was an easy place for both my husband and I, our kids were too little to pay any attention to it, and we kept the chart on a clipboard underneath a pile of magazines, so visitors didn't really notice it.

In our new home, this system won't work. At all.

Plus I have an iPad now. And he has an iPad for work and a Droid phone. So there should be an app for that.


A few weeks ago, I put the call out on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, asking for recommendations.

I was astounded by the number of people who were in the same boat as me, wanting a good NFP app.

Lacking any kind of good "this is the best thing ever and works great" recommendation, I downloaded the nine free apps I found in the iTunes app store.

And you know what? I'm sort of "enh" on all of them.

So this week, I come to you. HELP A SISTER OUT! I'm not opposed to spending money on an app, but it was beyond my intellectual capacity (which is, granted, a lot diminished of late) to discern which one I should buy or if the free ones would suit us.

We learned the sympto-thermal method, but I'm not opposed to trying out some other system of NFP. So...

What app(s) do you recommend for NFP charting?