Having raised one teen to adulthood and raising his two sisters presently in the midst of their teen years has given me experience in watching teens grow, but wisdom?  If anything, I think I'm losing it with each new issue that comes up.  With teen eyes watching as I make my way through life I tend to forget they are taking notes.  They listen, hear, and notice my every wart, judgement, prejudice, and criticisms, some they adopt and others they fight.  But which ones should they take on and which ones should I disembark from.  As each year passes and I get older am I doing the right thing by them, I question myself.

When does one become an expert in a field they have experienced, studied, and made through?  Since I have been a mother for 30 years now, am I considered one?  An emphatic "No" is my answer.  I know that many claim to be experts in one thing or another, but parenthood?  The fleeting theories and trials cannot be proven to be successful in each and every individual since we are all but snowflakes in the winter, totally different, unique, and functioning with the God-given gift of freewill that is managed by a soul like none other.  Even from the same parents in the same household, each child is as individual as if conceived from another completely different couple.  How do we keep up this pace with several children in our care?

With freewill, comes another gift privy only to the women of the family, I think, Feminine Genius.  When I least expect it, it kicks in when most needed.  I know that it's the Holy Spirit in feminine guise, but there is some ownership on my part.  Yes, so far we have survived these past 30 years with prayer, deep in the night, while preparing meals, at Mass, running errands: I pray.