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I caught wind of the new Total Consecration app thanks to Marc Barnes at the Bad Catholic blog. (And if you aren't already reading Bad Catholic, well, what are you waiting for?)

I've gone through Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary before, but it was before I had a device with apps. I used a combination of the free audio over at New Evangelizers and the recommended book.

As with most of these big faith things, I flopped and flailed and floobered.

That doesn't stop me from trying again, though (and it shouldn't stop you, either!).

This app is already worth the 99-cents I've paid for it. Though there are websites that have all this information available (with audio! for free!), those websites don't have reminders that will pop up and harass me interrupt my blog-reading remind me.

The app's easy to use and it has a clean, intuitive design. There's a subtle little button in the corner with suggested "best days to start" and there's a clearly marked "change start date" button for those of us who open it quite a few times before committing.

I did notice, to my chagrin, that I can't schedule it to start reminding me ahead of time. Maybe the developer will think of that and update it. If not, then I will have to rely on the wonders of my calendar and to-do app working together in the future.

The prayers are all included on the appropriate days, along with any special instructions you need.

Bottom line: totally worth your investment, especially if it means you'll actually complete your Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary!

Have you completed Total Consecration before? When...and have you renewed it?

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