First Communion is one the most precious, important, and life-changing sacraments in a child’s life. By receiving this sacrament a child is now allowed to participate in a practice they have witnessed for years. And they are finally able to understand the beauty and splendor of the Eucharist. Many children will remember this experience for years as it is the first time they will receive fine jewelry, many Catholic gifts, and loads of attention from many more people than normal. First Communion is also one of the first times they have had to prepare for something this important. With this beautiful sacrament and moment in a child’s life comes beautiful Catholic gifts. Choosing the right First Communion gifts for your loved one will encourage them in their faith for years to come and remind them of one of the moments in which their life was forever changed. Here is my guide to some of the top First Communion gifts.

First Communion Rosary

One of the most stunning and traditional First Communion gifts is the First Communion rosary. Children at this age are very familiar with common prayers and many of the common prayers of the rosary. This knowledge makes a First Communion rosary a beautiful tool to encourage your little loved one to pray and develop a relationship with their Blessed Mother. The First Communion rosary is one of the most popular First Communion gifts which your loved one is certain to cherish for years to come.

First Communion Cross

The cross is one of the most prominent symbols of Christianity and a great sign of the sacrifice of Christ, which makes it one of the great First Communion gifts. A First Communion cross might be the first cross your loved one has received and will therefore have a special place in his or her heart. A First Communion cross reminds your loved one of the sacrifice their Savior made, a sacrifice that is remembered in the Eucharistic celebration. The First Communion cross is a gift which will be with your loved for years to come and will hopefully remind them of the sacrificial love God has for them. Perhaps a personlized First Communion cross might add a special touch which will make your gift even more precious and cherished by your loved one

First Communion Jewelry

For many children, First Communion is one of the first instances in their life in which they receive jewelry. First Communion jewelry is the kind of gift which your loved one will certainly  wear proudly as a remembrance of their faith and that special day. One of the most popular First Communion jewelry pieces are patron saint medals for boys and rosary bracelets for girls. Giving your loved one a stunning piece of First Communion jewelry might be just the gift which will stay with them for a lifetime.

These First Communion gifts are just a few of the most loved gifts many receive on their special day. First Holy Communion is a memorable day in which the child experiences their faith and love of God in an entirely new way. A First Communion gift should echo that experience which has certainly changed their life for the better.

Copyright 2012 Kathleen Wellman