“Anoint your head and wash your face….”   Matthew 6: 17

About 6 years ago Sarah, my Downs syndrome daughter was asked to the senior prom by Chris, a disabled boy she had known since birth.  Before Chris and his parents arrived at our home, we helped Sarah get ready.

Dressed in a powder blue gown, Sarah stood in front of her bedroom mirror, beaming.  “I am going to…to... look beautiful,”  she stuttered as her two teenage sisters curled her hair and polished her nails.

Her freckled face glowed as I brushed some color onto her cheeks.  While helping her put on a strand of pearls, I told her:    “Sarah….You look like a queen…”

As Sarah carefully centered a silver tiara on her head, she smiled at her reflection.   “Now I’m ready for... for… the prince.” she said.

During this season of Lent, take some time to stand in front of the mirror of God’s love.  Adorn your face with the glow of hope.  Polish your heart and remember the Lord died for you.   Don the garment of faith and anoint your head with the crown of salvation.

Get ready for Easter.   Your risen Prince will be here soon.

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During the Lenten Season,    be purposeful about preparing for the risen Christ. Fast from fear and fretting.    Give the alms of your compassion to someone in need.  As you carry your cross, pray that you will be made into the image and likeness of Christ.

Copyright 2012 Nancy Jo Sullivan