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Let's pretend, for a moment, that Mary had an iPad. (Yes, I know: there's all sorts of suspension of belief here.)

Here are five apps I think she would have on her iPad:

  • iPieta - I've been trying for years to figure out what iPieta doesn't include. Near as I can tell, there's no chocolate.
  • Magnificat - Yes, the Magnificat magazine, delivered to your device! You get a month free and then you can subscribe for a lower rate, still see the lovely cover art, and have it delivered automatically to your iPad. Mary would surely have it for the way it offers many prayer opportunities, daily scripture readings, and reflections from the saints and holy writers.
  • Catholic News Live - What better way to know what's going on in the worldwide Church than this app?
  • DayOne Journal - Maybe she would use it to make notes of Jesus' progress, important things she was pondering, or just to make a note of a novena she started. Hard telling, as handy and useful and NICE as this app is.
  • My Horse - Because, in case you didn't know, Mother Mary loves horses, so she would be sure to spend time with virtual horses during those times she couldn't be with them in person.

 YOUR TURN: What do you think Mary would have on her iPad?

Copyright 2012 Sarah Reinhard

image source: MorgueFile