Heartbeats: The Sound that All is Well

Heartbeats. The beautiful sound of life.

My husband had an aortic valve replacement done about 14 years ago. It is a mechanical valve and for 14 years, I have been able to hear his heart beat without a stethoscope.

Click click. Click click.

He doesn't hear it as much as I do. I guess he is used to it. But I hear it quite often, especially when we are in a place where the sound travels well. Or I am snuggled up to his chest!

We like to have a little fun with it. Often, when the clicking sounds louder than normal, I will say to him - "You know, your heart is clicking!"

And he will say, "That's a good thing, hon."

"Oh yeah. I forgot."

And we are amused when people sometimes ask us if we hear a clicking sound, as they wander around the room, looking for the source. We are tempted to say no, but we give in and spill the beans!

Click click. Click click.

When I think of heartbeats, I think of fetal heartbeats too. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and then I had some infertility problems. When I finally got pregnant again, after months of trying, I was really anxious. Words do not describe the relief and joy I felt when I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time and knew he was okay.

Pa-dum-pa-dum-pa-dum-pa-dum-pa-dum-pa dum-pa-dum-pa-dum-pa-dum.

My son's heartbeats were like music to my ears! The sounds of life.

I am reminded of "the disciple whom Jesus loved," who, at the Last Supper leaned against Jesus' chest. (John 13:25) I love to reflect on this and imagine myself being able to listen to Jesus' heartbeat.

We go through life listening for the heartbeat of God. When we pray. When we go to Mass. When we read scripture.

All of these times and more, we listen for the heartbeat of God. That heartbeat that tells us God is near. That heartbeat that tells us Life is here.

The heartbeat that tells us all is well.

My husband's clicking heart is a comforting sound for me. Often when I crawl into bed at night, I hear it and, drifting off to sleep, I know that all is well in my world.

Click click. Click click.

Copyright 2012 Colleen Spiro