In recent times, our Mother Church has found herself at the center of more than one scandal.
This should not surprise us as the Church is made up of members from mankind. Hence, we are all sinners.
It is, however, especially sad, shocking, and disturbing when the very leaders/members of clergy/and shepherds in whom we have placed our trust and to whom we've entrusted our families, have been the perpetrators of heinous, lewd, and sinful (not to mention, criminal) acts.

In the case of the sexual assaults that blasted to the forefront of "scandalous Church topics" a few years ago, it was bad enough that the faithful were being abused, tormented, and victimized by priests and leaders of the Church. It was worse that those in authority, who should have rushed to their defense and took steps to reprimand and prosecute the attackers, chose, instead, to remain sinfully silent; thereby implicitly incriminating themselves in the process.

We now face yet another dramatic debacle within the walls of our holy Church. This time, the key "Players" if you will, make their homes and hold their positions/jobs/titles at the highest levels of the governing bodies of the holy institution called, "The Catholic Church". This scandal is taking place inside the Vatican.

Online news media is rocking the internet with stories by the day. Twitter posts are tweeting and re-tweeting the latest, greatest headlines on supposed "whistle-blowers" and "money launderers"; going so far as to coin a colloquial headline for the topic: "Vati-leaks".

Just as it should come as no surprise that where there are sinners, there is sin. It should also come as no surprise that Satan loathes the Catholic Church and all Her members; and will do whatever he can to cause discord and division therein.

Rest assured, by the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that this is His Church; and, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! Will Satan (Can Satan?) bring down the Church?

No way! He can not. We have Our Lord's word on it.

However, it is plain to see that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church offers some huge and delectable prey for the enemy. He knows he can not bring about the entire disintegration and collapse of the Church. But, he is willing to work long and hard to cause whatever harm he can and take as many souls with him as is possible in the process.

The purpose of this article is to remind you, dear readers, to "keep the Faith" and stay "focused" during these troubled times. We, as brothers and sisters, in Christ, can take great comfort and place our trust in the beautiful Doctrines and Dogmas of our Faith.

We must join together, lifting our minds and hearts in prayer, for the sake of and the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and those closest to him. We must be willing to sacrifice, to do penance, and to remain a joyful people; sharing God's love and Truth with the world; even amidst scandal.

The pope had a few words of his own to say on the recent developments at the Vatican. I found great comfort in his poise and eloquence; and was encouraged by his message. Perhaps, you will be, too:

Let not the grave sins of the members of the Church cause you to lose sight of the Truth and beauty of the Church. The Holy Spirit is in charge and in control. God will not forsake His people.
Evil never wins. Christ's victory was once, for all.

We can forge ahead, with heads held high for Jesus; praying for all involved ~ both the victims of these scandals and those causing them. We can "keep the Faith" and stay "focused", carrying out our vocations and missions with thankful and joyful hearts.

It is a blessing to be Catholic.

Copyright 2012 Judy Dudich