Editor's Note: This book recently landed on my desk for review and I am working my way through it quickly. The writing is infectious and the stories delivered are amazing. This one is a "must order" for anyone interested in faith, femininity, or the saints. LMH

Mothers of the Church: The Witness of Early Christian Women

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, May 30, 2012 --In a follow-up to the best-selling The Fathers of the Church, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing has just released, an inspiring companion volume on the Mothers of the Church.

Mothers of the Church: The Witness of Early Christian Women, (Our Sunday Visitor, 2012), by Mike Aquilina and Christopher Bailey, elucidates Catholics' understanding of the role played by women in the early Church. Drawing upon a wide spectrum of sources, it profiles the women who left their mark on sacred history by responding to God's call. Whether martyrs, abbesses, mothers, desert solitaries, or managers of large family businesses, these women's stories will inspire anyone in the modern world.

Each chapter features a concise biography supplemented by quotes from the Fathers' writings concerning the particular woman, poetry about her, and other ancient testimonials. The authors' authoritative yet accessible writing style deftly explores the significant impact of early Christian women -- and proves that the Catholic Church has a strong history of indelible female mentors, many of whom were both secular and spiritual leaders.

The Mothers of the Church include:

  • Holy Women of the New Testament
  • St. Blandina
  • St. Perpetua and St. Felicity
  • St. Helena
  • St. Thecla
  • St. Agnes of Rome
  • St. Macrina
  • Proba the Widow
  • St. Marcella, St. Paula, and St. Eustochium
  • St. Monica
  • Egeria the Tourist

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