Small Success Thursday
Every week we take stock of how in the past 7 days, we battled minutia and won.
It doesn't matter if we didn't finish the project or reach our goals, it mattered that we showed up, we strove, we started over, we kept going or we recognized it was time to get started.

For me, the problem is multiple projects. I'll start working on organizing/threading out a chest of drawers. I'll find clothes that belong to other people, two crayons, a pencil, a quarter, a five of hearts and three (why three?) mittens. I know where the winter stuff is all stored so triumphantly I'll go to put them away, feeling all organized and smug. The phone will ring. I will answer. The person on the phone will need me to get papers to answer a question about school or the bank or some such. I will go to get papers. I will spend 15 minutes with person on the phone dealing with the paperwork. I will have forgotten about the drawers upstairs in the meantime, while children then assemble around me to mention that it is time to eat. I will fix lunch, go through the routines and start nap times and then math books. Checking the laundry, I will rodeo it along and have a brief panic attack because I can't find the notepad with my things to do list.

In the meantime, because I tried to multi-task, the two that don't want to do their math have abandoned said math books in favor of other more interesting pursuits (the Wii), and the two remaining need me to read each question aloud and supervise every problem. By the time I track back down the other two that need to do their math and have drafted/delegated to a teenager the act of supervision of the math for the youngers, we have a pencil shortage. When I go to find a pencil, I remember the drawers upstairs that I haven't finished. Why? Because I remembered that there was a pencil underneath the dresser when I started this project. When did my life become "If you give a mouse a cookie?" and why, if it's going to be "If you give a mouse a cookie, " didn't I get any cookies?

This week I:

  • Recovered from the fun and hard work of a 12 day vacation that involved 2, 897 miles and a wonderful joyous visit with my family and my brother's wedding.
  • Restarted saying a daily rosary. It has been hard lately, but by saying it with my children, it has become easier.
  • Began the hard task of editing my book, I had the monster bound and put in a binder. It's now almost like I'm afraid to touch it...for fear that somehow, what I've put together will shatter if I start mucking with it, but it has to happen.
  • Took the kids to the park. Readjusting to being home with all 10 and all that this entails.

Now it's your turn! And next week, I'm stocking up on cookies.

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!

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