Open Your Heart and Your Home Open Your Heart and Your Home to an Exchange Student

Hosting an international exchange student can be an enriching experience for the entire family that will last a lifetime. By opening your home and heart to a student from overseas, your family will gain a new global perspective, many memories, and - quite possibly - a new family member!

Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE) is a non-profit organization looking for caring families to host high school students from various countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Norway, Germany, among others. Our goal is promote peace and cultural understanding through educational exchange. The students PIE have coming on program in August are between the ages of 15 - 18 years of age and will attend school for a semester or academic year at your local high school.

There is no such thing as a traditional host family. We accept single parents, retired couples, families with small children, teens or no children at all!  You can have a great experience hosting an International teen. The students are prescreened, speak English and are looking forward to learning about our culture while teaching Americans about theirs.

Students will have medical insurance and their own spending money to cover additional clothing, school supplies, and entertaining they may want.  We ask that host families can provide not only a loving home and food for their daily meals, but also a quiet place to be able to study and bedroom to rest.  Although host families are not paid, a charitable tax deduction of $50.00 per month that a student is in ones home can be used as a tax write off.

It is only through the kindness and generosity of families in communities like ours that these young teens will be able to fulfill their DREAM of spending a year as an American.  Please open your heart and home to one of these teens by inviting them to become a member of your family.

If you are interested in participating, contact Pacific Intercultural Exchange at 1-888-743-3721 or visit our website at