Mary's Cry -- Poetry by Jennifer Gladen

I know why
Mother Mary cries.
It’s ‘cause her love
For us supplies,
Streaming tears
Over all our sin,
The block of our
Only Eternal win.

We dwell so tight,
In our desires
We proudly flaunt
Our freedom's fires.
We hold fast and tight
To our only path.
Dare we Test
His mighty wrath?

Like all the soldiers
In time of old
We taunt Him, slap Him
And are bold.
We reject His Mercy,
Love and Plan
To follow the will
Of fallen man.

“I know better than Him-
Get the gist?”
The demon Pride
Shakes his fist.
“Ignore Humility's
Desperate cries
Till the light in your soul
Diminishes and dies.”

“Help me, save me,”
We'll cry at the Gate
But by then we'll see-
It's far too late.
We spent our life
Too proud to repent.
Now far from God
Eternity is spent.

These are the things
In her soul that tries.
Yes. This is why
Our Mary cries.

But it need not end
This way, my friend.
He gave us a way
To be free that day.

Just follow His Law
And you’ll be in Awe
Of all He’d do
To prepare for you.

Yes, He loves us all,
Despite how we fall
Heart filled to the brim
But we must choose Him.

So repent and be done
Spend life with her Son
That’s how we try
To stop Mary’s cry.

Copyright 2012 Jennifer Gladen