Surrounded by Life Surrounded by Life

Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to the Pilgrims of Religious Freedom Walk, 2012 share their testimonies and stories and memories from their 100 mile journey, across the state of Maryland.

One that has been deeply embedded into my heart involves a Mass that was celebrated in the middle of the woods.

The pilgrims had camped at Ft. Frederick and awoke at sunrise for an early morning Mass.
One gentleman, filled to overflowing, with joy, described how he was completely transcended and thrust into the tangible presence of God, Almighty, during this Divine Celebration.

He said that during Consecration, upon the once-picnic-table, now, beautiful and sacred Altar of God, with Our Lord, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, it hit him that he was completely, fully, absolutely surrounded by "life".

"The trees were alive, the flowers, the birds and critters of the forest, the other pilgrims, the priest, Jesus on the Altar, and the very soil underneath my feet", he said, "were living!"

As I recount this story to you, our dear readers, and glance out my own window in my humble abode, here in the Pennsylvania woods, I sense a similar blessing. Though I am not in the middle of Mass, I am, indeed, surrounded by "life".

The sunlight pours in through the glass, my children are running around the house, playing and laughing, I can feel/hear my own breathing patterns, the birds are chirping, and the leaves on the trees are swaying in an early morning breeze.

God is life.
God created life.
God celebrates and rejoices in His gift of life to us.

But, do we notice it?
Are we mindful of this ongoing, ever-present, experience-able blessing?

Thanks to Mr. Paul T., RFW Pilgrim, I am a bit more mindful of it, now.
For, just as he said, "the very soil underneath my feet" is alive and full of God's presence!

All life is precious.
All life is sacred.
All life belongs to God.

Notice it, feel it, see it, hear it, and celebrate it, today.

Copyright 2o12 Judy Dudich