They Are Watching You They Are Watching You

Parents are the primary role models for their children.  But who is really teaching our children?  Do we, as parents, take the time to sit and have a conversation, or do we continue to overlook what they are asking us?  Children learn by watching, and if they watch their parents ignore them, they will do the same.  They may even find another, less appropriate, way to get attention.  Parents and children are busy running from place to place without much time left for family dinner or quality time.  Being fully present, even for a couple of minutes, can have a positive impact on a child.  A child knows when you are focused on something else and not paying close enough attention to them.  They want and need your undivided attention.

Sitting down and playing with cars, cuddling up to a short story, or looking at the moon together are things that mean the world to a little one.  They want to let you in their world and share in your own.  Children look up to their parents and often mimic what they say and do.  I am amazed at all the little phrases our son copies from us.  He shows his affection by listening and watching us.

Parents are teaching their children without realizing it.  Children are shadows and copy their parents out of love and respect.  They know when they are being ignored and it frustrates them.  Giving a little time to your children will teach them to be better citizens and people.  Displaying patience will help them to develop the quality as well.  The primary teacher is an irreplaceable role that can only be filled by a parent.  It is a vocation to raise a child.  God has given us our children to be care for, and it is essential that we step up and take on our full potential.

Image Credit: Morguefile, Monsterdimka

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel