My last post was a review of the Interactive Rosary app and today we are continuing with our examination of rosary apps available for Androids.

This week, we’ll explore the Free Holy Rosary Android App.

This app is very simple to use. Though it lacks in some of the technical options (like being able to fast-forward or rewind the recording), it’s far and above one of my favorite rosary audio recordings.

This app features scriptural rosary audio recordings from the students of Franciscan University of Steubenville.  If you would like to utilize these recordings in mp3 format, you can download a copy from the Steubenville website.

I find the female voice on this recording, as well as the group of students doing the responses, to be very pleasant.  It’s one of my favorite rosary apps because of this.  I also find I have an easier time focusing by allowing the single female voice to lead and then joining in with the student group for the response.

When you open the app it will automatically open to the assigned mysteries for that day, but you can easily select a different mystery if you’d prefer.  The recording begins when you touch the play button and allows you to pause as needed.  Their recordings range in length from 22 minutes to 26 minutes.


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