Is a Rosary Just a String of Beads Is a Rosary Just a String of Beads

A rosary, at first glance, is just a string of beads. The kind of rosary that we pray with, practically speaking, shouldn't be a big deal.  A rosary is simply a means by which we count our prayers. However, we all know that we're either attracted or not attracted to different kinds of things, even physical objects. So when you have a rosary that you find attractive and that means something to you, it becomes more than a physical object to pray with—it also functions as an impetus to prayer.

Here is what I mean: If we have a rosary and we aren't that crazy about how it looks and feels, we probably won't pick it up that much. But if we have a rosary that we really like the look and feel of, and if it also means something special to us, then we are more likely to actually use it. Whether or not this should be the way things are (it sounds kind of superficial, doesn't it?) we are human, and we're more likely to use things when we like how they look!

Take your cell phone, for example. Practically speaking, a cell phone is just a way to dial numbers and talk to someone. But we spend a lot of time choosing the grip we like (is it comfortable to hold?), the weight (is it too heavy or too flimsy?), the features we like (is it a smart phone?), and the color (does it come with a cool cover?). If we have a phone that we don't like that much, we probably just keep it in our pocket or purse and will only use it when necessary. But if we like the way it looks, we keep it sitting on the desk or counter at all times and we use it more often—maybe a few more text messages than we would otherwise send.

If you can relate to what I've described here, then the same goes for your rosary. If you like the way your rosary looks, you're going to keep it sitting out so you can admire it more, which means you're more likely to remember to set aside time to pray. If you like the way your rosary feels, then you're more likely to pick it up, which means you're more likely to pray with it too. See? The right rosary—one that you love—will call you to prayer in a way that a rosary you don't like won't.  It may be silly, but am I right?

So, when you're choosing rosaries for yourself or a loved one, be sure they're ones you really like! You are more likely to have great success at praying the rosary if you follow this advice. If you're stuck between two that you really like, get both, one for the house and one for the car too!

Copyright 2012 Gretchen Filz