The My Rosary Android App is a one I find very helpful when I need that quiet moment I struggle to find in our busy home.

This rosary app does not have an audio recording of the rosary. Instead it plays beautiful Gregorian music in the background. You can silence the music if you’d like, but I love how it helps me focus and relax and really just stop thinking about everything else that needs to be done at any given moment.

When you open the app it gives you options to begin a new rosary or resume praying where you left off.  It also has an option to convert the language from English to Spanish.

When you click “Begin” you first decide if you’d like to pray the rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

If choosing rosary you then decide which mysteries you’d like to pray, with the app noting which mystery is assigned for that day.

Once the app starts with the prayers itself you read through them or say them independently clicking on “Amen” to move forward to the next prayer.

There is a rosary graphic highlighting which bead you are on and again the lovely music plays in the background or can be silenced at any point.

While I always assumed I would prefer a rosary app that I could pray along with as an audio recording I have found this app to be one of my favorites as it really encourages me to slow down and take the proper time to meditate and embrace the time I have in prayer.

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Copyright 2012 Kristin Detloff