A Three-year-old Psychologist A Three-year-old Psychologist

Often our son reminds me that, “It's okay.”  This comment may refer to his unacceptably bad behavior, or maybe I got upset over his spilled soup, but he truly believes these words.  One may need to be reminded that everything in God is “okay.”  Things will work out if one believes that God is taking care of it.  He truly loves each one of us and he wants us to trust in His will.

When my son explains to me how, “He just wants to hang out and be a family,” and that, “You get mad at me sometimes, but it's okay,” it makes me stop in awe.  A three-year-old comforting me that everything will turn out fine in the end is amazing.  He truly is a God-given gift.  His words don't always make me feel better, but I am glad he tries to empathize with me.  We must be doing something right.

Our son is still too young to understand why we may get upset to the extent that we do, but he is right, it is okay.  As long as we have God and each other, everything will turn out good in the end.  Maybe we, the parents, stress the small stuff more than we should instead of seeing the bigger picture.  God will help us through our hardships when we turn to Him.  We are blessed to have our family and all of our needs met.  So as our son, Linus, always reminds me, “Sometimes I am bad, but it's okay.  I just want us to be happy as a family.”  God wants the same of us.  We may sin, but it's okay.  He is our father and loves us.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel