A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy

We've been at work for several months with our friends and partners over at Ave Maria Press on the exciting launch of our new "CatholicMom.com Books" imprint. I've shared multiple times in interviews and also personally to friends what a "surreal" feeling this is for me. A dream that launched in a little Fresno housewife's home has grown amazingly over the years and will now provide tremendous resources for Catholic Moms around the world in print format.

I couldn't be more happy that the first book in our series was penned by my dear friend and fellow CatholicMom.com contributor Sarah Reinhard. This week, we watched in amazement as Sarah's book A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism became available for purchase. This is the book I wish I had that in 1991 when I learned I was pregnant with Eric. It's now my "go to" gift for any pregnant mom and I'm planning to keep a stock on hand for shower gifts, but also as wedding presents. To tell you the truth, anyone would really benefit from this book, since one of its main goals is to help us draw into closer relationship with our Blessed Mother.

CatholicMom.com Books CatholicMom.com contributors and Ave Maria Press celebrate the launch of CatholicMom.com and Sarah Reinhard's new title in Dallas at Catholic Marketing Network.

In the weeks ahead, Sarah will be active here on the site keeping you up to date on the launch for A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy -- including your chance to win an amazing prize. But my advice to you is this: don't wait. Won't you help us to make this book -- and the CatholicMom.com line of books -- a success by ordering your copy today? If we want more resources like this one for our families, we need to do our very best to give Sarah's book a terrific launch. Priced on Amazon at less than $9 (for today...), it belongs on the bookshelf of every Catholic home.

Again, please join me in praying for the success of Sarah's book, and especially for all of those who will be touched, uplifted and supported by her mission in A Catholic Mother's Companion to PregnancyCongratulations Sarah - I'm so happy for you!!

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