In case you missed it, I wanted to share this very fun video of the recent "Hangout" hosted by Catholic Relief Services and CRS Rice Bowl. The event featured four of your friends: Lisa Schmidt, Jared Dees, Sarah Reinhard and me. Our conversation related to how Lent is celebrated in each of our homes. We shared the good, the bad and even the "slacking"!

If you find your commitment to making this Lenten season special and spiritually fulfilling for yourself and your family, I urge you to take some time and enjoy this conversation. I think you'll agree that many good ideas are shared. I hope you'll find yourself feeling "affirmed" that Lent in your Domestic Church is not about crafts or what everyone else is doing, but about helping our families grow closer to Jesus Christ, to those in need, and to one another during the forty days of this season.


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