Mater Dei High School Mater Dei High School

Friends living in Southern California, I'm happy to share the good news that I'll be in your neighborhood next week, speaking at my alma mater Mater Dei High School. You're cordially invited to join me on Thursday, October 4th at 6:00 pm - find all of the event details here. The event is free and open to the public, so you're invited to come out, visit with me, and hear a short talk on this topic:

Saints for Slackers, Seekers & Sinners: Solutions for the New Evangelization - Journey into deeper relationship with saintly role models for our "wired" and ever more complex and busy age. We'll explore the lives and lessons of well known, little known and newly canonized Saints and Blesseds and discuss how to raise faith-filled families in today's digital age.

Go Monarchs! Go Monarchs!

The event is intended to benefit Mater Dei's Alumni Heritage Fund to provide needed scholarships for deserving students, but thanks to a generous donation by Matthew Oelschlager '00, everyone's welcome! I hope to share a bit of insight on raising kids in today's world, but more importantly to meet lots of friends who live in and around Orange County.

Please join me - it would be wonderful to meet you in person!