Some Simple Ways to Spruce-up your Rosary Praying with your Family Some Simple Ways to Spruce-up your Rosary Praying with your Family

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is on October 7th. For this reason, the whole month is dedicated to the rosary. We know what a powerful prayer this is. Here are a few suggestions to say more meaningful rosaries.

1) How about those car rosaries? Even just a decade when you get in translates to many rosaries and is a beautiful way to start your journey.

2) Find your Rosary night. Yes, it would be nice to say it every night, but where that might be asking too much, try just sticking to one night and be consistent with that. We like Sunday evenings.

3) Go to an Adoration Chapel to say the rosary, either weekly or just one special time this month.

4) Use a video or CD recording to say the rosary. Kids especially like to watch
what’s going on in the mystery—plus, it really is a nice reminder to us of what we are supposed to be meditating on. On YouTube there are many set to music with pictures or clips from movies. I liked the ones by Mysaviormygod like

5) Purchase a rosary coloring book from your Catholic bookstore and let the children color while reciting.

6) Use a children’s rosary book to look at the pictures while saying the rosary. You can even make your own by using the pictures you colored or other pictures that were cut out of magazines and cards or from the Internet. Put these in a ring binder.

7) Make a life-size rosary and walk through it while saying the rosary. We’ve done this with chalk on our back patio.

8) Try saying the rosary outside around a campfire or in a fire pit in the evening. It makes for a peaceful, meditative prayer. Or use a candle.

9) Vary how you say the Rosary as a family. Give people different turns at leading. Give even the youngest children a part.

10) Make your intentions known—use a dry-erase board to write down the intentions and place them so everyone can see them while praying.

11) Say your rosary outside of an abortion facility. Besides general pro-life intentions, you can pray specifically for any mothers and their babies whose lives might be in danger on that very day. We also pray for the doctors whose names are often right on the sign where we are standing. Many facilities have the 40 days for Life going on this month, but you can go to any abortion facility and pray.

12) Let them have cake. On the Feast of the Rosary, or any time this month, make a rosary cake simply by decorating a sheet cake with frosting then M&M’s in the shape of a rosary. Enjoy it after reciting a decade together. Mary is our “sweetness and our hope.”

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