Questions for God Questions for God, Book 1 by Peggy Olds

I recently had the chance to review a wonderful set of catechetical resources created by Catholic author Peggy Olds and illustrator Audrey Merschman. The "Questions for God" series is far more than a simple set of books to share with your preschooler. The books are specifically designed to be a catechetical series to be used in homes, classrooms and parishes. Each of the ten books in the Questions for God series carries both the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, official declarations stating that the resources are free of any doctrinal and moral error. These marks translate into resources you can trust to use with your precious little ones.

The books in the series include:

  1. God, Who Are You?
  2. God, Who Are the Angels?
  3. God, Tell Me about Creation.
  4. God, How Did You Plan to Save Us?
  5. God, Who Told Us about Your Plan for Salvation?
  6. God, Who is the Messiah?
  7. God, How Did Jesus Save Us?
  8. God, How Did You Begin Our Church?
  9. God, Does Jesus Keep Helping Us?
  10. God, When Will We Be With You?

As you can see, the series addresses some pretty hefty spiritual topics. And yet, written in a fashion that will appeal to children ages three to six, the books contain truths that are at the foundation of any Catholic's faith. Each book concludes with a formal prayer to be shared, ensuring that both you and your children will be tapping into and making your own many of the bedrock prayers of our Church.

Also available with the series is a Classroom Edition of the ten books which gives teaching tactic suggestions for using the books in a classroom setting. The Questions for God DVD is a beautiful compliment to the book series and can be purchased separately or in combination with the books.

Finally, a new addition to the Questions for God line of resources is the book To Jesus through Mary: A Family Manual of the Rosary and Mysteries. This book contains basic information on the origins and structure of the Rosary, as well as beautiful reflections and discussion prompts for each of the four sets of mysteries. If you're looking to foster your family's devotion to and love of the Rosary, To Jesus through Mary is a perfect resource for your family.

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