Fallen Love Fallen Love

The cool fall breeze
reminds me to change.
I feel Your breath upon me.
Awakened, I hear You
whispering words of passion.

The scent of the harvest,
rainbows in the trees.
Everything around me
in an array of beauty.

Wrapped up in emotion
I feel the necessity to be with You.
To talk,
to ask,
but mostly just to listen.

So quiet from the busy week,
I find I might explode.
Yet, You wait for me.
In desperate need of Your compassion,
for no one else will do.
Only You can love me
the way I long to be.

Perfect in every way,
the only man who will ever be.
I place too many standards
on the ones I love.
For they never can be You,
and I shouldn't expect them to be.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel