Since I recently began sharing some of my writing over at Patheos, I've become acquainted with a few of my fellow Catholic bloggers there, including Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Fr. Longenecker has a fascinating bio and manages to keep up with his vocation as a parish priest while actively publishing books, blogging, and speaking on topics of great importance for Catholics. I wanted to bring you up to date on a few of his recent projects:

  • Faithworks - Fr Longenecker has a new, free, weekly newsletter called FaithWorks! Short articles on the practical practice of the Catholic faith. Just right for busy parents to get a short bite of inspiration. Check out the latest issue and sign up here.
  • Catholicism Pure and Simple -- While I haven't yet had the chance to personally read this book, it looks like a terrific resource for anyone looking to learn more about our Catholic faith or to share the faith with others during this Year of Faith. Amazon says of the book:"Starting with arguments for the existence of God, this book takes the reader step by step through the basics of the Catholic faith. Without using churchy language, difficult theological concepts or confusing arguments Dwight Longenecker explains not only the truths of the faith, but how to embark on the adventure of living the Catholic faith today. He uses plain illustrations from ordinary life, and explains the faith without complex footnotes or intimidating references. Catholicism Pure & Simple is perfect for high school students, confirmation candidates, members of RCIA classes and anyone seriously seeking God in the modern world."

I invite you to check out both resources. You'll find Fr. Longenecker blogging daily at Standing On My Head.

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