Dee and Tom Fox

Every once in a while, we have the chance to celebrate a special event with a truly special person. Today, we wish a very happy birthday to a very special lady! Dee Fox, the wife of our own Deacon Tom Fox, celebrates a very special birthday as she turns 70. A little birdie shared the good news with us, and told us some "fun facts" about everyone's favorite deacon's wife.

Q. Where was Dee born? Was there anything funny or noteworthy in her childhood?

Dee was born in Roaring Spring, PA. Her dad owned a general store and Dee used to go in and help herself to the candy in the store all the time.

Q. How many children did she raise (not including the Deacon, of course)?

Dee has four children, two boys and two girls.

Q. Has Dee worked outside the home?

Dee worked in property management, customer service for insurance company, and then she had a short job that required keeping a stiff upper: she worked in a funeral home for some years.

Q. We know Dee makes cards -- does she have any other hobbies or pastimes?

Dee loves her computer time and keeping up with contacts/friends/and Estes Park, Colorado.

Q. Are there any little known facts about Dee that might be fun to share?

Dee is an absolute sweet-a-holic. She can't be trusted alone with sweets. She is definitely NOT A COOK. She is loved by everyone. (Not bad, huh?)

Happy Birthday Dee -- we love you!

Copyright 2012 Lisa M. Hendey